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BlindSquare Academy Participant Registration

Tell us how we can reach your. To schedule training and instruction for organizations deploying BlindSquare Beacon Positioning, Customized Location, or BlindSq QR Services, please complete the BlindSquare CLS, BPS, & QR Team Contact Form. 

BlindSquare Academy Classroom

Join the BlindSquare Academy BlindSquare instructional resources, OM guidelines, BlindSquare Announcements, Updates, Tools & Features and Discussion.

BPS, CLS, & QR Teams should register to obtain access to instructional materials and resources.

Beacon Data Collection Tools

Get the right tools. Download YourTSVI beacon data collection app for Team's deploying BlindSquare Positioning Service (BPS). Visit the BlindSquare Academy and your Team Project Page  for the BlindSquare Beacon Monitor Switch and recommended App List of Tools for Data .Collection

AER International O&M Conference

Access Instructional Materials for our Upcoming Presentation at the AER International O&M Conference in Pittsburg PA, July 19 -27th

Teaching & Reinforcing the Fundamental Concepts of O&M with BlindSquare.  

Experience BlindSquare indoor beacon & outdoor customized location services for navigation and test our BlindSq QR types for alternative print access. 

AER Presentation Documents