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Beacon Navigation (BPS)

 A Beacon Positioning Service (BPS), consists of Beacons installed indoor with a building and/or outdoors on within the venue.  

Customized Location (GPS)

A Customized Location Service (CLS) allows organizations the ability to deliver customized information, utilizing GPS coordinates,

BlindSq QR Reader (QRS)

Designed for the VI & Blind user, the QR reader triggers the camera & light. The QR image is automatically captured and then sends a haptic alert.  

O&M - Mobile App Toolkit

 Building Orientation and Mobility Skills & Concepts with iOS devices and print access. Use your iPhone’s camera to read signs, print menus, prices, or locate / identify objects with magnification, OCR, the latest object and text recognition apps like CamFind.  

BlindSquare App Basics

BlindSquare’s “Tools” can assist you with  scanning & previewing the Environment, determining your location,  as well as locating a destination. Remember, “All the Tools are Dependent Upon your Filter & Search Radius. 

BlindSquare Academy

TSVI offers instructors a unique opportunity to engage in experiential learning and professional development using tools and materials available exclusively through the BlindSquare Academy. TSVI offers cohort-based online training as well as half-day or full-day onsite training, & workshops.