Beacon Navigation

Indoor Navigation

TSVI offers several indoor solutions for identification, navigation, and relaying information to the end user. Our solutions integrate a BlindSquare event to the geo-fenced location providing free access via the BlindSquare Event iOS App. Bluetooth beacons offer world class beacon hardware and software providing accuracy, consistency, and functioning. beacons accurately guide users inside sending customized directional messaging from the BlindSquare cloud network. 

BlindSquare manages the delivery of messages sending information to user based upon their entry into a beacon cloud (the asymmetric boundary of the beacons radio signal), and while within the beacon cloud with on demand messaging.  While within the beacon cloud user control messages received when the user is stationary or while moving by shaking their device. 

Pairing BlindSquare Beacon Positioning with BlindSquare QR Service expands messaging services providing additional, longer messages and information, such a description of the room layout / orientation, obtained when scanning a BlindSquare QR. The BlindSquare QR Reader easily locates and targets QR codes, within distances of 6 feet, providing detailed information using HTML with screen reader navigation, audio playback, video playback, or customized MP3 audio.  

What is BlindSquare BPS?

BlindSquare BPS stands for BlindSquare Beacon Positioning System. A Beacon Positioning Service (BPS), consists of Beacons installed indoor with a building and/or outdoors on within the venue. Bluetooth Beacons replace your GPS signal within a building, providing  information, seamless transitions both indoors to out.  More on BPS...

Beacon Management

How the Gsheet is Used to Configure Beacons
We use Google docs, in this case Google Sheets to manage Beacon data, for the following reasons:

  1. It’s nimble and can be used on all platforms
  2. Most are familiar with spreadsheets operations
  3. The power of spreadsheets is well used to ensure data remains organized, abilities to copy/paste cells/rows, etc.
  4. As provided by the link, the Google Sheet contents are read only.  To edit the sheet there are two requirements. a). You must be logged in to your google account (to validate who you are and the rights attendant) and b). You must have edit rights assigned by the first-author.  
  5. To login, use the link “Sign In” (should be two tabs from Home)
  6. Note: the use-behavior of Google Sheets for Screen Reader Users is better with FireFox.
  7. PC users have greater success with NVDA than Jaws
  8. There is only one instance of the Google Sheet, cloud based.  Changes to the content is live.  When multiple users are simultaneously using the Google Sheet the changes of one will be shown immediately on the other.
  9. Google Sheets provide for shared comments, specific to the document.