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Creative ideas, accessible technology, and solutions for education, daily living, and independent travel using assistive technology for the blind & visually impaired. We'd love to consult with you about our AT Trainings and BlindSquare App Workshops. Better yet, let a Certified BlindSquare Consultant help you design your BlindSquare Event with Indoor Beacon Navigation. 


Services & Training

Workshop, Conference, and Online Training:  setting accessibility options, accessible  Apps & software solutions for education, Independent Travel (O&M), and Daily Living. Solutions for Apple Chrome, Windows  iOS, and Android.

BlindSquare Navigation

Creating accessible indoor and outdoor environments using BlindSquare  Beacon Positioning (BPS), Customized Location (CLS), and QR Services. Certified BlindSquare consultants design and provide training database management and training for BPS, CLS, & QRS.

AndreasHead - AT

Using assistive technology to teach  students with VI & Blindness. A TVI's toolbox of  iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Android Apps for sensory stimulation, functional vision assessments, near & distance magnification, note-taking devices, and access to materials.  


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